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Strategies and technologies to enhance the cultural heritage for the tourist markets.


DBS TOURISM & CULTURE  is the branch of Design Brothers focused on the promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage of the territories to help their positioning in the tourist markets. We operate through the use of the latest and most innovative technologies.

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We develop effective destination marketing strategies using the wide range of traditional and digital tools, working side to side with administrations and professionals of the tourist industry


We develop and standardize the communicative identity of territories and communities, guiding them to promoting their brand through the tools of the digital world


We provide booking tools for the tourist industry supporting payments and reservations, easy to manage and integrate into websites and fully customizable

Museums and Exhibitions solutions.

We rethink the visiting experience of museums and fairs focusing on the interaction between the visitor and the environment. We do this using the latest and most immersive digital technologies, including our bluetooth low energy solutions both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Access Control & Event Booking
  • Exhibition Design
  • Museum identity & Stationery
  • Interactive journeys with beacon
  • Mobile App Design
  • Website & Intranet development
  • Ticketing & Visitor management

Digital intelligence and Destination management to enhance the reputation of your location

We develop the destination image, branding and promotion setting the strategic direction for the destination over medium and long periods. We prioritize and allocate the available resources in order to strengthen the visitor economy and stimulate the growth of the territories.

  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • IOS & Android Application Development
  • Intranet & Back-End Application
  • Product/Service flow optimization

Amazing art publications, digital journeys and interactive ebooks to highlight your contents.

Whatever the subject of your publications is, DBS helps you in the typesetting, printing and creative process. We also offer the option of transforming your papers into beautiful ebooks through a digital conversion that will make your documents compatible and accessible on all ebook stores.

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  • Book design & Typesetting
  • Print Design
  • Print proofing and Service Management
  • Digital Pubblications
  • E-book conversion