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State-of-the-art technologies serving the quality of our lives


DBS Smart Technology is the R&D branch of Design Brothers focused on the development of high technology solutions directly usable within our homes and cities. Shared mobility and IOT are the main fields in which the branch operates.

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Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are the environments in which we operate with the purpose of connecting objects and services with our digital devices


Putting technology at the service of our daily life is our mission. We make real world where the control of all daily activities can take place through digital medias.


Research and development of the latest technologies in order to create context - aware softwares able to simplify our lives.

Car Sharing & Smart Transportation solutions.

DBS Smart Technology has a long-standing experience in the shared mobility industry offering its consulting services for the set up and management of car and bike sharing companies. Our in-house technology allows us to offer car and bike sharing booking, Parking Facilities, Electric Recharging Columns, fleet management and fleet optimization solutions for the needs of the cities of the future.

  • Car Sharing & Rental Booking systems
  • Mobility Applications
  • Smart cities appliances
  • Transportation Ticketing
  • BLE Applications
  • Fleet and Parking management

Tourism Innovation.

The new frontier of tourist communication is not bounded within the unilateral presentation and enjoyment of the locations but foresees the planning of an immersive interaction with the places themselves.

Here at Design Brothers we design tourist experiences that make customizable and original the discovery of your location using and developing new technologies and a communicative approach always up-to-date

Smart cities consulting.

Intelligent car parks, waste disposal systems that can communicate with the citizens, reporting systems for damages to the public properties: modern cities can be smarter, even with simple technologies. Design Brothers is able to translate specific goals and real needs into fantastic solutions that can create a new experience for the citizens.

  • Smart Experiences design
  • Connected Innovation
  • Services Ticketing
  • Payment solutions